Canada out of Haiti, farts, etc …


I have a couple of things to announce, most importantly this here book launch for anyone around the winnipeg area to consider attending. This promises to be very informative, and I’m sure most of us out there would indeed be surprised at the scale of canadian bullshit being forced upon the poor peoples of haiti.

Come on out!! Refreshments following discussion!

Book Launch – Canada in Haiti: Waging War On The Poor Majority

October 20th, 2005, 7 PM, 91 albert street, 3rd floor $5 or pay what you can

Presentation and video with authors Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton followed by a discussion.

Behind the mask humanitarianism, canada is carrying out a murderous and destructive foreign policy in haiti. At every turn, canada has declined opportunities to uphold democracy in haiti, while taking the lead in overthrowing the country’s democratically elected government and legitimizing a power grab by haiti’s wealthy elite.

See the event poster here.

A new type of solidarity movement is emerging out of a growing awareness of the policies that are being carried out in haiti, policies that can only be described as genocidal. All of the western powers share a history of genocidal conquest. Ironically, this process began on the very island that haitians occupy, in 1492. It should enrage but not surprise us that governments such as canada and the united states, who have perfected the means of internal colonization through the subjugation and dehumanization of indigenous people, should export these methods to haiti. Our role is to understand these realities and devise ways to dismantle them. (Anthony Fenton)

Secondly, am item of much less political flavour, yet something I feel obligated to expose in the simple name of truth.

It has come to my attention that our bass player toddy (pigpen) kowalski, has mentioned on city-wide radio last night, that I “outfarted Bill Stevenson” during our mix dates in fort collins, co this past july.

Apparently, Bill is the godfather of farting in the music world.

The truth of the matter is Bill was literally blown away at todd’s seemingly limitless resevoir of intestinal gas. Anyone who knows todd, who happens to be a male member of our pathetic species (he actually manages to hold his gas around females for some reason, then blows around the horizon like an untied balloon once he’s alone or exclusively in the company of other spatter-faced unlucky and groaning men) will be able to back my claims.

Claims like todd is the canadian king of farts.

Claims that todd’s favourite joke in the world is farting and then blaming them on others.

Little does todd know, that during his incredible fort collins anal performance, chris and I happened to overhear a private conversation in which Bill Stevenson, punk rock fart god he is, approached todd with this comment:

“yeah man, it’s kinda weird. With your farting and stuff…..I’ve never met anyone else like you before. I thought I was alone in this world.”

Yup. We were in the alcove next to the kitchenette discussing sequencing ideas when this happened.

If anyone feels the need to corroborate my claims, please feel free to email Bill at

the proof is in todd’s everflowing pudding. I tire of having his pudding being slapped on my face. People who fart and blame it on others, are simply put, posers.

Fart posers.

Todd kowalski is thee pre-eminent fart poseur.

Thank you for your time, I feel much better cleaning this off my chest.

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