protest canadian state sponsored terrorism in haiti, nov.12-20 across canada!!

this chapter in the relentless multi-century (neo)colonial onslaught on haiti involves paul martin and jacques chirac eating out george w. bush’s ass while an illegally installed puppet regime facilitates mega-theft for the rich, while again, beating down the poor.
i live for the day when pigface martin, pierre pettigrew and co. are put on trial for crimes against humanity….we’re either with the terrorists, or we’re against them….that’s what i’m talkin’ abooot.

The Winnipeg branch of Canada Haiti Action Network (CHAN-Winnipeg) and supporters will be at the RCMP headquarters at 1091 Portage Ave. as part of a national week of action in cities across Canada in solidarity with the people of Haiti. Originally scheduled to coincide with the Haitian national elections that had been set for Nov. 20th but which have since been postponed to Dec. of this year, the public events being organised across the country aim to raise awareness of Canada’s complicity in the catastrophic human rights situation in Haiti right now.

RCMP headquarters was chosen as the location for the action in Winnipeg on Saturday because Canada, along with four other nations, is aiding Haiti with about 100 RCMP officers in the mission called CIVPOL. They are to back-up and supervise the larger numbered and corrupt Haiti National Police, who are carrying out the violent repression being employed to defend the government that was installed through the coup d’etat orchestrated by the governments of Canada, France and the US in Feb. 2004.

Across Canada, planned events include a march on Parliament Hill in
Ottawa on November 12th, film screenings, reports from journalists who’ve worked on the ground in Haiti, leafleting on the street, and an international day of action on Nov. 18th.

We are demanding that the Government of Canada:
* Withdraw the support of Elections Canada and all other bodies from any elections held under current conditions of repression, which include hundreds of political prisoners, police killings and terror, and the exclusion of the poor from participation;

* Demand the immediate release of Amnesty International prisoner of conscience Father Gérard Jean-Juste, former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, the folksinger Annette “Sò Ann” Auguste, and all other political prisoners;

* Discontinue all RCMP training and logistical support for the human rights-abusing Haitian National Police, and withdraw all Canadian logistical support for the UN “peacekeeping” mission-turned repression operation;

* Announce Canada’s support for the position of the governments of the Caribbean community countries (CARICOM) and the African Union, both of which are demanding an investigation into the circumstances of President Aristide’s removal;

* Withdraw and withhold recognition of Haiti’s coup government until President Aristide is returned to oversee the holding of fair elections without repression.

visit the link below for protest actions across canada this upcoming week:

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