Hello, Poople! Happy New Year!!!!

It is a nice day outside there today! I’ve got a few little things to report today. First I’ll hand you this little quote …

“In what to most Pakistanis will be a shocking revelation of the degree of sympathy which even the most horrifying of natural calamities can raise among western audiences, a poll of 27 mainly western countries shows that people felt that the October 8 earthquake in Pakistan, which killed more then 80,000 people and left more than three and a half million homeless, ranked only at number 8 in people’s assessment of the most important events of the year 2005.”

Yes, The death of Pope John Paul the Toiletfart was 4th on the list. No suprise.

Starlight TourI’d like to recommend the movie “Crash”. I thought it was great. Growing up around so much extreme racism this show really hits home for me. It was really well done and should be easy for anyone to find around their local video shops. “Ludicris” is my new favorite actor. Haha … nay quite. I’d also like to recommend the book “Starlight Tour” by Susan Reber and Robert Renaud. It is a brand new book about the murder of Neil Stonechild. He is the young man that the song “Bringer Of Greater Things” on our new record was sadly inspired by. I’m very glad this book came out. When I went to my aunt’s house she was reading it and was pretty pissed off. That’s the way it should be when a kid is murdered by the cops in a city. The whole city should be going crazy. The cops shouldn’t be able to just slink off into the night like dick-all happened. Check it out…

And finally, for the hell of it here are some bloody photos of my traumatized injury from our last show. I can at least walk a little bit now, two weeks later. Yowch sucka that hurt. Haha … Take care! Have a good ‘ern.

Todd's gash

Hopper licking Todd's gash

Todd with blood AND pee running down his leg.

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