Hello, Everybody

Last night I had nightmares of a different kind. I went to the Park Theater to watch the movie EARTHLINGS which, for two full hours, explores the various things humans do to the other species on the earth. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything quite so disturbing in my life. It is a good reminder to me that what we have been saying about animal rights is dead on. I feel like it’s time to for us all to stand up and do a whole lot more for our fellow animals. We live in a cruel world and it is true that you either look at it or you look away and live life like a total asshole. The excuses of grown adults pretending that they are exempt from blame and that is o.k. for them to continue torturing and killing animals because they’ve done it their whole lives is pathetic. Even sadder are those that think they’ve somehow “outgrown” justice and that now they too now have exemption from having to think about their resumed abuse. There are no excuses for how we treat animals. When people think about other people who are into animal rights they generally come up with a stereoetype to try to write them off. To dispel this myth for you: in my family I have hunters, factory farm owners and rodeo champs. I’ve seen the wall to wall rooms packed full of chickens, I’ve had deer hanging in my garage, I’ve seen freak cowboys roping and abusing baby cows, I’ve eaten meat, I’ve cheered on the circus and the zoo, I’ve shot a mouse to death with a BB gun, I’ve gouged the eyes out of fish, I’ve seen cows with holes cut in their stomachs and fitted with plugs so goofs can feel the inner workings of their stomachs. I’ll also mention to you that cousin Jim is one of the most successful and murderous hunters in North America.

If I, from the very inside of this tornado, can plainly see that all this is insane and just as easily change my role in it, then anyone can. Please, check out this movie – you will see where I’m coming from. Then I will not have to hear people talking about me being reactionary. Unless you too want to wrap your teeth around a bit while I stick a metal rod up your ass and turn on the electricity; don’t tell me about how I should be taking it easy on the poor, ignorant people because they don’t know any better. Everybody knows better.

If meat eaters, and animal users, are proud of what they are doing they should also, unflinchingly and proudly, check out this movie to see their profound and great deeds in action. They should eagerly show it to their children and bring such great achievements into view so we can all feel great about it. Check it out. The best and most disturbing documentary ever … EARTHLINGS.

Order it. Pass it around.

And I’ll extend a one time props to the nerd Pamela Anderson for stating a small truth about the seal hunt at the Juno Awards in Halifax last night. Of course a bunch of sensitive musicans and spoiled idiots in the crowd booed her for it. The moron from the amazing, only popular in Canada band ‘Great Big Sea’ said she should have just stuck to music and that, “it was an embarassment”. Hmmm, funny how Mr. Happy-Fun-Song man can actually live in the idiotic bubble he’s created in his moronic lyrics. Where’s my club?

Well, here I sit trying again to remember that the people of this world have not driven me insane but it is them who are insane. I’m not the one cutting throats, and peeling fur and flesh from living beings, nor am I cutting the ears off little animals. I am also not the one who, day after day, cuts the ligaments and tendons from my screaming victims. I do not go from place to place to get my photo taken with the corpse of a fellow earthling that I killed for fun. I am absolutely not the one who needs to do this to make myself feel special and powerful.

As they say, “You Reap Just What You Sow”. We subsidize the industries that produce our modern day plagues, our polluted rivers and our waning health. We are all fools. No more excuses. As a wise, wise, super-wise, ultra-super-duper-wise person once said, “We Are Doomed!!”

Over’ n’ out!

Posted by on April 3rd, 2006 in Commentary, Films