I am a dirty protest.

Greetings inhabitants of planet Dearth! We are home from our UK experience.

I must say you sure are a pretty nice bunch of people for having to live in what can only be described as a near-future case-study of a population and car-culture on the brink of total, utter and irreversible collapse. The feeble, flaccid, alabaster bodies of ironic British skinheads actually starts to make way more sense when you realize the routines they are subjected to day in and day out. London is no place for the stallion! So we return here to the open plains and kiss the dirt beneath our hooves! At least i hope that’s dirt.

I think Belfast was the highlight for me, which is not suprising since people in London told us not to go there and that it would be “rubbish”. Go figure! Incidentally, through the insistence of some of Belfast’s inhabitants i checked into my family history and it turns out that indeed the blood of the Eire runs deep in these veins. So much for my long-standing and beloved repetoire of Lucky Charms jokes at Declan Debarra’s expense. Oh well, back to English teeth for the laughs!

But seriously folks, thanks for coming out to the shows and being polite enough not to notice that some of us never recovered from jet-lag the entire time. Much obliged! Cheers to everyone who came from around the world to feel the power with us. I counted people from Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Finland, Greece, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, Hungary and New Zealand at the shows. Talk about humbling.

And of course thanks to our brutha James who drove us around the UK with unending patience and good humour and to Sean Florbes, who arranged the whole thing for us. Much appreciated!

Posted by on December 20th, 2006 in Band News