former plappers continue to disproportionately give the gears to the corporate vulture class

Last wednesday afternoon, i poked my head in at the g7 orifice for a second, smelled the farts, and promptly removed myself to a safer haven within the confines of winnipeg’s finest cafe and bookstore, mondragon. Here, as i perused the books in search of a copy of Orwells’ “Homage to Catalonia”, i came across a book that i’d only heard about, but hadn’t actually taken the time to find.

Sitting in front of my fart-freckled face stood a book by Jamie Brownlee, “Ruling Canada: Corporate Cohesion and Democracy”.

“Oh Heavenly Fart!”, i heard that squeaky voice in my head exclaim! Here it is!! The MA thesis that was put out a couple of years ago by Fernwood Publishing was written by a fellow Portage la Prairian, and one i knew only too well!!

As i snuck the book under my hoodie and ran out the door (naay, jussi jokinen!!), many memories of young student jamie, a good friend my younger bro’ jeremy, started coming back to me. Seeing those guys drunk……JUST DRUNK!!, stinking up the ol’ house we used to live in was a very familiar sight (and smell) back in the day. Young Jamie had a bit of a surly mean streak to him when he’d indulged in the drink….a favoured drinking characteristic chosen by many-a-Plapper. Awesome to see that generalized anger take shape into stickin’ it to the man… this case, the Canadian man, by taking time and care to expose and detail the unique intricacies of the Canadian economic/political elite. I’ve spent the last few late nights reading the book, and i have to say, “fuckin’ A rights! way to go!”.

Updating our “Resource” section will be a priority of mine later in the day…..right after a quick meeting at Hairy H. Hole’s place, and a thorough thumping of Big Ern’s Boys in the ASHL Division D2C hockey playoffs later in the afternoon.


Posted by on April 15th, 2007 in Commentary