(Hello dedicated supporters! I just received word from an amused number cruncher at the Worst Canadian competiton that, thanks to your votes, i am currently ahead of both Stephen Harper and Celine Dion as said Worst Canadian! In a revealing and suprising turn of events, i am somehow behind Dr. Henry Morgentaler. At least I am in good company as regards the Doctor. Keep voting for me peeps!)

Hello balls, Chris here.

I just heard on CBC Radio that Canada’s prestigious history magazine The Beaver (not to be confused with our very own prestigious walking history magazine The Beaver) is hosting a contest to decide who is Canada’s Worst Canadian.

We once asked you to vote for us to win a song-writing prize and we won it.

We once asked you to vote Kowalski the world’s sexiest vegetarian and he almost won it.

Now i’m asking you to vote me — Chris Hannah of Propagandhi — the Worst Canadian. It is the one thing in life that I actually pride myself on.

I don’t stand during Oh Canada, I don’t support Canadian troops, i cheer for Sweden in international hockey tournaments, I hate Wayne Gretzky, I side with First Nations against the Canadian state, I fantasize out loud of the decimation of the Canadian animal exploitation industry and I wish Great Big Sea would die horrible, languishing deaths in a capsized ferry incident. The proof is in my pudding my fellow shitizens. I am THE worst Canadian and you know it.

Please, do the right thing. Vote for me as The Worst Canadian in Canadian history. It’s the only patriotic thing to do.

Posted by on May 2nd, 2007 in Band News