Playing with MDC!!!

Hello, People!
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be playing in Portland and Seattle with the legendary MDC!
About 22 years ago I traded two KISS records for the first MDC record and two Exploited records. These platters were my first punk records. I took them down to the record player, which was located just across the room from where my Mom was watching TV, I slapped my headphones on, dropped the needle on the MDC record and cranked up the volume. When the first song started my mind almost exploded! I was shocked! I looked over at my Mom thinking “You have got to be kidding!” The songs were so different from the metal bands I loved but still fast and exciting. The things they were saying were so different from what I was used to. I was absolutely taken by the rawness and attitude of the band. YEAAAAHHH!!!
So, yeah! haha..on this tour we’re playing with MDC and a bunch of other great bands like Rebel Spell, DFA, Cambridge, Passenger Action, Amour Fou, Beelzebison, and a couple others that are yet to be added.
Later on in the year we’ve got a few more crazy shows to announce.
We’re ending the year with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!
YEAH!!!!!! Let’s rage!!!
I gotta split before I go overboard!!!!

“Don’t worry we’ll never let some goons turn us off heavy music, It’s our outlet.”-C.O.C.

Can you feel it?!!

Posted by on September 3rd, 2009 in Band News