Good One Everybody! Haha! You had me there for a second!

Perusing the tearful replies to reporters questions regarding the BP spill along the US Gulf-Coast, i am confused as to why so many are apparently moved to tears over the polluting of fragile ecosystems. Is it all an elaborate joke? I mean, if people were really concerned about pollution, they would have long along stopped letting their tax dollars pay for the “single largest source of pollution in the world: the United States military”, right?

And what’s up with people crying on camera about birds soaked in oil? When did people suddenly start caring about birds? They’re kidding right? I mean, if people really cared about birds suffering prolonged and horrid deaths, they would have long ago stopped financially supporting the animal-exploitation industry every time they sit down to a meal, right?

So, haha, that was a good one guys! You almost had me there! Man, those tears looked almost real!

Posted by on June 18th, 2010 in Commentary