Propagandhi is playing Best Friends Days in Richmond Virginia on August 20th!!!

Yes, I speaketh the truth. We are playing in Richmond Virginia’s annual Best Friends Day Festival with Municipal Waste, Deep Sleep, Savage Brewtality and, apparently, a special guest that’s yet to be announced ( hopefully the ghost of Don Knotts). This special gig will be at  the “Canal Club” on  1545 E. Cary St. Richmond Virginia. For more info you can go here. Our good buddy, Keebler, says this festival is a lot of fun and the next day we get to go to a water park to get stinky and watch Negative Approach!

This week is the the 20th anniversary standoff between Mohawks and the Canadian government forces in the Mohawk village of Kanehsatake near the town of Oka in Quebec. I have a particular interest in this anniversary because the crisis was also an extremely important moment in my life where I started learn more about indigenous rights, and struggles. Consequently, that was the year I changed my mindset for the better. To see more about the Oka standoff go here to watch the great movie Kanehsatake: 270 Years Of Resistance.

Posted by on July 12th, 2010 in Band News