Best Friends Day is behind us…

Wow, now that was a whirl-wind adventure!

These people really know how to throw a party and a great music event. i especially appreciate that they did it all without laming it up with a bunch of goofy corporate sponsors.

Music and commerce are certainly tangled together in our world, but the tendency of most festivals to make musicians defacto indentured-servants of corporate hyper-consumerism bums us out. So it’s a pretty awesome statement that the organizers of BFD make when they choose to work their magic with a spirit of independence, relying on their own resourcefulness and grassroots community connections rather than some easy and crass corporate dollars. Cheers to Tony and the rest of organizers/ volunteers for that!

Special thanks to the dudes from Sundials for chauffering us around, Nick and Patrick and Krissy from Landmines/ Vegan Action for amazing hospitality and the staff of the Harrison Street Cafe for some killer food!

The line-up we played with at the Canal Club was pretty great. Municipal Waste (Tony’s band) fucking killed it in total thrash party-mode followed by Andrew WK just standing up there with a keyboard and still somehow managing to get people going wild! Then followed by us, who went up there and played 20 depressing songs about how the world is shit and is about to end. haha. People partied on anyhow! It was cool.

All that plus our sound-guy/local legend The Butcher got immortalized on a t-shirt. Congratulations if you got one of those collectors items, but please note that his package is not really that large in real life (i asked his girlfriend Wanda).

Cheers Best Friends!

Posted by on August 22nd, 2010 in Band News