Propagandhi in Print 2: New Kitchen Traditions Vegan Cookbook

I think these are only being sold here in Winnipeg for now, but if anyone in town is interested in a great DIY vegan cookbook that, in addition to many other contributors, features recipes from me, Todd, Jord and Beave, check this out:

New Kitchen Traditions is a Winnipeg-made, vegan cookbook, with all proceeds going to D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre, and is ready for pre-order!

It features 115 recipes from almost 50 contributors with 17 colour photos. Including recipes like, Spicy Mock Duck Stir-Fry, Grandma Nellie’s Pierogies, “Creamy” Dill Potato Salad, Wild Rice Salad, Mennonite Paska, The Holy Grail of Pizza Doughs, Apple Spelt Pancakes, Coconut Lime Layer Cake, Fruit Pizza, and more.

To order, please e-mail

Included is my trademark dish: African Speed Metal Stew, so you know you gotta have it.

Posted by on November 17th, 2010 in Band News