Australian Tourdates Announced!

Secret internal cables released early Monday morning by controversial whistle-blower website Wikileaks, have provoked an unprecedented 694-day debate in Australian Parliament.

The cables suggest, contrary to public pronouncements from the Gillard government, that the unbelievably good looking Canadian hard rock band Propagandhi have no time-line for withdrawal from their extremely unpopular mission in Australia.

Propagandhi have warned against handing over responsibility for security in Australia to any of the completely self-serving total assholes that tend to get involved in federal politics in the first place, insisting the transition must be tailored to the conditions on the ground.

Quoted in the heavily-redacted documents is Propagandhi’s Minister of Agriculture, Jordan D. Samolesky, who states that “Propagandhi will not abandon Australia. Propagandhi will not allow Australia to become a haven for terrorists. Propagandhi will remain engaged in Australia until everyone is either dead, maimed or incarcerated. Only then can democracy and freedom prevail. Now let us blaze!”

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Posted by on February 21st, 2011 in Band News