Good News/ Bad News

Hello fellow inmates of this intergalactic prison colony/ quarantine zone called Earth. How the heck are you?

So, we’ve got a classic good news/ bad news situation on our hands to share with you this fine august day.

The bad news is that due to a serious injury, we can’t play the Red River Rampage show in September. 13 years of judo-throwing 250-lb men and then defending jiujitsu guard-pass attempts by the same behemoths has finally caught up with Todd The Rod. He currently can’t even hold his bass for more than 10 seconds without excruciating pain in his back. He’s been trying to get answers from this eviscerated joke of a health-care system for months now to no avail. Thanks corporate-welfare/ social-capitalism!

We actually had to resort to sending him down the US to get a goddamn MRI at a private clinic to see what the hell was going on in his spine and surprise, surprise, he’s got bulging discs, tears and pinched nerves all over the place.

The good news is that the Red River Rampage organizers have bent over backwards to keep us in their plans and have moved the show to March 23rd. A long ways away, i know, but hopefully enough time for us to get Todd healthy in the long-term.

And that’s the good news: Todd is going full tilt on a structured physio program to get back to full capacity. It’s only been a couple weeks and he already feels small improvements in terms of the pain. Me, Beave and Jord have been keeping the song-writing juggernaut rolling in the background meanwhile. We’re still on track to rock out and make a ridiculously facemelting record this winter! So shut your pie-holes and hold on to you pantaloons people. The assault continues!

Posted by on August 17th, 2011 in Band News