Frequently Asked Questions

What are those things on Todd’s hands?

Those are called “warts”.

Does Jord dye his hair grey?

No, it’s natural. His pubes are blonde though. Not sure why.  

What is a “Halfhead”?

It is the band’s collective hairstyle.

You’re uglier than most bands and dress like idiots.

Well…that’s not really a question, is it?

Are you guys vegetarian? Why?

Yes, we are all vegetarians (more specifically, our diets are “vegan“), which means we do our best within this insane framework of capitalism to live cruelty-free lives. That said, we do encourage people to slaughter and devour organically-fed, free-range human corpses. Especially those of “post-vegetarian” crusty-punks and university students. The planet will thank you for it.

I want to know more about your sound-man. He seems like a really interesting guy. Do you have any pictures of his huge red nuts hanging out of his shorts while he’s sleeping or sitting around at a party?

No, of course not you freak! That’s it — no more questions!