propagandhi to stink up 'run for rights' - june 10th

hello good peoples of the multiverse!!

the boys propagandhi will be participating as fundraisers at the 5th annual 'run for rights', here in winnistink, on june 10th.

buddy-derek the hoguelater x-press put together this handy link where you can support the effort to create the Jean Dominique Popular University Project in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. please check out the info about this project and pledge your support below!!

pledge now!

....judging by the size of the steaming bean-pile in kowalski's back yard, i'd say he's the early favourite for this race......he's going to blast off, shooting to the finish line in world record timelike a noisy rocket balloon, happily leaving the rest of us in his "dust".... (jordy-boy horcoff for mvp)

Jordy-boy / May 27, 2006