Call Before You Dig

At Palmerston and Ruby Street the city had dug a ditch to lay a pipe to flush away the free range bison shit the white radicals devoured to protest a colonial past; 3-ply Cottonelle stuck to their ass. At Palmerston and Ruby Street, before their very eyes, they dug themselves one hell of a surprise. The bison bones the workers found were dated early Holocene. You're nothing but the bottom of some far future latrine my little libertine. That's your universe in a nutshell. That's our universe in a nutshell my friend, so fare thee well. "I see skies of blue. I see clouds of white. Bright blessed day. Dark sacred night." And you can't bring me down with your acerbic online wit. Call before you dig. The city dug that ditch a few feet short of some game-changing petroglyphs.

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