you gotta hear the remastered version of the Failed States LP by Jason Livermore people. it’s like a whole new record! you can also get a physical copy here:…

Jesus H. Chris / March 8, 2019
The Rod / August 23, 2017

Raw video/audio of Sulynn’s audition! She got extra points for stepping up to the mic and trying the backup vocals on the fly!

Jesus H. Chris / October 4, 2015
Jesus H. Chris / September 21, 2014

Our beer-league hockey buddy Randolph Frykas III made this for the release of the Failed States LP. They call it a “teaser” in the industry apparently.

Jesus H. Chris / September 3, 2014

This is us rehearsing the freshly-written tune “Failed States” about 8 months before we recorded the LP. I like this tempo a bit better than the record. FASTER!

Jesus H. Chris / September 3, 2014

Raw footage of us in our old practice space writing/rehearsing the song “Status Update,” from the Failed States LP. 2011.

Jesus H. Chris / September 3, 2014