Circa 1992, Hitchens faxed his copy through as regards Columbus Day. And if you'll permit me the conceit of a posthumous critique, I'll paraphrase: "My colourful, exotic friend; respectable, well spoken — unlike the rest of them — as you know I'm colour-blind and you're a credit to your kind; this silly talk of resurgence, ceremony, communion with an unconquered natural world; tell me, where is your gratitude for all we've done for you? This paradise. Eden. Empire. Kingdom. This boundless epoch we've bestowed upon your savage, empty lands; well of course mistakes were made! But as far as human progress goes welcome to a slightly higher plane of innovation and opportunity for your trampled communities! The treaties that we broke; The lands that we filched; The settlements put to the torch; The children we abused; all for your own good of course! It just happens to to be the way history has  has been made! Just don't play with a toy gun or change lanes without signalling. Don't comply, don't resist cuz it don't make no difference. Comply? Resist? No difference. Resist? Comply? You die. The funny names you give your kids; the silly ways you do your hair; the jungle music that you blare; we snicker and we sneer for they do not revere the incessant gadgetry we incessantly deploy to incessantly extract and incessantly destroy. You don't worship us. Oh why don't you worship us? Resist? Comply? You die."

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