Rat­tan Cane

Accept this moment, your spiritual cleansing. As your hair falls to the floor consider this your conversion, your final warning. Recite these words as we clean you of your filth. Are you defying God? What are you trying to prove? Spare your family the shame and yourself the sting of a rattan cane. This is the last night you’ll sleep corrupt and naïve. You’ll wake before the sun for your first steps down the path. Your childish dreams are gone, this time must come for everyone. You think you’re one of a kind? I see your type here all the time. I am patient, I am fair, but I am tired of you. Your treatment is just, our conscience remains clear. Let us be judged in the ever after. I look at you and I see nothing but a fool. To help you understand, your roommate will tell you about his journey to free his soul. While you’re listening take a closer look at his arms and his face, the gaping holes if he happens to crack a smile.

Ded­i­cat­ed to the emos” in Iraq and the punks” in Aceh Indonesia.

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