We came here to rock! Single moms to the front! Dead-beat dads to the rear! Oh yes that is how we do it here. Oh you demand a more Vaudevillian homage to key feminist thought? Ha! Male privileges frantically checked? Ok, go sit through Less Talk. Single moms to the front! We came here to rock. Alright, so not quite John Stoltenberg after all. But I ain't quite Charlie Sheen. The truth is a little bit of column A, a little bit column B. But you, you're the main character in a masterwork by Moliere and it's quite the Broadway production you got going on over there. Impressive how long some can keep the illusion alive. You think you nailed the end of Act III? Oh I can't wait for Act V. Overture! Curtains! Hit the lights! But aren't we all just better off comin' clean? Instead of this endless self-flagellating talk? The painfully predictable denouement? Performative schlock. Single moms to the front! We came here to rock!

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