What Price Will You Pay?

Orig­i­nal­ly by Code of Honor

How many more lives will be taken and crushed out? How many more minds will be shattered,  destroyed by what they've been taught? Can't you see what's all around you, all the times our government told you lies and yet you still follow. Can't you see all they promote is lies - and if you want the truth of freedom you must know what price you will pay. And still, it all goes on around us, our government supplies military aid  to another, promotes racism, supplies drugs to the youth of the world to keep us happy and most of you just sit back and suck it all up. Can't you see that this system is just a game? They all know it, and they all still play it... smash it up! This no game - this is your life! The price you have to pay may hurt you more and more each day but tomorrow the suffering will have gone and those of us left must remain strong. It's a price - a price that just has to be paid, paid, paid. Everything that our society breeds - facsism, racism, sexism...must end. 

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