CHAN delegation to Haiti to report findings in public meetings across Canada

Hi folks,

Here in Winnipeg, we raised some funds earlier this summer to help finance a 10 day delegation visit to Haiti by activists involved with the Canada-Haiti Action Network (CHAN). A set of public meetings across Canada are scheduled to publicize the findings. Our event in Winnipeg will be held at the lovely Mondragon Bookstore and Cafe,  Monday, Sept. 26th, 7-9 PM (free admission).

Events elsewhere can be viewed at:

I've been involved with CHAN since 2005, helping to organize awareness raising events and fundraisers to help sustain organizations such as the IJDH, Haiti Liberte, Partners in Health, and the Cuban Medical Brigade, to mention a few.  There are numerous ways people can get involved to help support social justice in Haiti. Doing nothing will simply ensure that big business and their servile scumbag smiley faced politicians will continue to operate with impunity. The latest chapters in the uninterrupted 200+ years of reactionary counter-revolution by wealthy nations (and now transnational capital) against Haiti continue to unfold. Perhaps we can have a small hand in sticking a wrench in all of this.


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Jordy-boy / September 25, 2011