National Lampoon's European Vacation 2013

Hello fellow brains in vats, how are you today? oh, that's excellent. If you go look at the "SHOWS" link up above, you will see that we have booked some European dates with the mighty metallic hardcore unit Shai Hulud and the not-to-be-out-mightied feminist hardcore punk band War On Women, who were recently featured on the amazing, incredible, incomprehensible Escape Velocity Radio podcast.

I know we're all still reeling from the devastating news from Ted Nugent that his dog died, but when we are done outpouring our sympathies to that great animal-lover, maybe we can get America back on track and go to these shows in Europe and blame gun violence on gays and lesbians like we did in the good old days. Thank you.


Jesus H. Chris / December 20, 2012