Supporting Caste LP reissue!!!!!

Yeehaw! Eat yer grandpa! Our Supporting Caste LP is back in print! For all you Urkel's out there, there are also limited coloured vinyl quantities, so git on yer l'il doggie and grab it while you can. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you order now, you'll also get a limited edition Supporting Caste t-shirt for only double the price! Don't be left on the bottom of the social pyramid like us. Be cool like all the other cool people in this cool, sane, healthy society and have your cool credit card ready! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! there's also two other new happy-go-lucky shirt designs available to let the world know how well-adjusted and amenable you are to the existing framework you have been born into. Go here and see all this cool stuff right now or else you are a traitor!

Jesus H. Chris / February 25, 2015