Rainbow Resource Center Fundraising Shirt

Hi people. It’s your old pal Chrissy here. So, here in our hometown of Winnipeg, there is an important place called the Rainbow Resource Centre. It’s stated mission is to "provide support, education and resources to foster a proud, resilient and diverse LGBT2SQ community” and its' vision is “a society in which diverse sexual and gender identities, orientations and expressions are included, valued and celebrated as a result of our active commitment to promote and maintain dignity, human freedoms and human rights”. Propagandhi shares that vision and in a small show of solidarity for it, we want to donate any and all proceeds from the sale of this Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes-themed/ repurposed shirt to the folks here in our neck of the woods working the front-lines of an ongoing liberation struggle. And hey, it won’t hurt that you’ll look fuckin smokin’ in it either eh?

Jesus H. Chris / July 1, 2016