North American Victory Lap P(h)arts 1 and 2!!!!

Greetings Phellow Phart Loving Phriends and assorted Phecal Phreaks!!!

Gather your rubber boots and sanitary wipes, as we invite YOU to join US for a guaranteed good time on our Victory Lap tour!!

In October, Leg 1A (with Iron Chic and the G.A.S. Drummers) will have us blast through London (ON), Toronto and Ottawa, with time for a short pit stop in Montreal to gather our breath and slow cook some pinto beans. We'll say "very good! bye now!" to our pals the Gas Drummers; Heartsounds will get on board; Iron Chic will invest in some gas masks, and we'll take off on Leg 1B to spread our good cheer to the phine pholk of Washington DC, Philly, NYC and Boston! 

 Leg 2 takes us sliding down the West Coast with long-time touring pals RVIVR (who apparently have zero functioning olphactory nerves remaining), and new acquaintances Bad Cop/Bad Cop (for some phree advise, see above comment re: gas masks). We'll be ripping through multiple pairs of soiled underwear from Vancouver-Seattle-Portland-SF-Phoenix-Vegas (Vegas?! what the...)-Santa Ana-Los Angeles!! Holy phrick, I'm already phriggin dizzy as all phuck!! Good thing I'll be taking the phunicular! (I really can't handle rollercoasters....) 

 Planning is well underway to take this hi-methane powered machine overseas in 2018!! 

 I'm happy to say the trusty ol' Propagandhi road crew has been on high simmer for weeks now...stay upwind from those guys!! I'm telling ya... 

See the Upcoming Shows section for more details. Tickets go on sale Friday July 28!

Anyway, I can't wait to be crammed into a variety of moving tubes, huffing and hotboxing some serious AAA grade phlatch with my great pals once again!!! Pheeeee-yewph. The smell of Victory!! NOW!!...back to the dutch oven....

Jordy-boy / July 25, 2017