Yes, we have friends. Ok, *internet* friends.

hello my european neighbors! while you're waiting for us to come back over there, why not go check out our buds The Rebel Spell who are currently driving around your continent being the best currently existing punk band from Canada that isn't us. Haha. Check out these tour dates and go support them. Tell them Chris sent you. Each time they hear that, they owe me a beer.

2nd Leg: Remaining UK Dates Nov 6 - Bristol @ The Red Lion w/ Kilnaboy Nov 7 - Derby @ The Hairy Dog Nov 8 - Sheffield @ Riverside w/ The Restarts Nov 9 - Leeds @ Temple of Doom w/ The Restarts Nov 10 - London @ Grosvenor (Stockwell) w/ The Restarts 3rd Leg (France/Holland w/ Antillectual) Nov 13 - Paris @ La Miroiterie Nov 14 - Schwäbisch Gmünd @ Esperanza Nov 15 - Dijon @ Deep Inside Nov 16 - Blois @ Bureau Blois Nov 17 - Lille @ L'Imposture 4th Leg (Germany w/ Spanner) Nov 18 - TBA! Coming soon! Nov 19 - Hamburg @ Gängeviertel Nov 20 - Potsdam @ Black Fleck Nov 21 - Dresdan @ Jugendtanz Nov 22 - Giessen @ AK44 Nov 23 - Düsseldorf @ Linkes Centrum Also, another internet buddy of ours, Jamie Kilstein, has a new comedy record out. He's a funny guy. A vegan, pro-feminist, jiu-jitsu loving, tyranny-hating funny guy. Check it out. I don't think he'll buy me beers though. sad face.

Jesus H. Chris / November 7, 2013