What Do California, Australia and Potemkin City Limits All Have In Common?

they all SUCK. haha just kidding.

Hello fellow self-annihilating dingbats of the planet earth! how are you this rainy Winnipeg morning?

Have you heard the Good News? Jesus is coming back! It's true! He heard about our upcoming show at The Observatory in Santa Ana and he said to himself "Self, let's get down off this old hickory stick and kick us some MAJOR anus!" You should come too.

Unless you live in Australia of course. In that case, STAY in Australia and we'll come over to see you in 2 weeks, ok? ok, settled.

Oh, did you also know that Fat Wreck Chords repressed Potemkin City Limits on vinyl, which means i can no longer sell old copies on ebay for $100 a pop? Doh! Go git it l'il doggie!

Jesus H. Chris / May 13, 2014