Propagandhi, Can You Handle This? RVIVR, Can You Handle This? War on Women, Can You Handle This? I don't think you can handle this. (woo)

hello fellow slime within a rotting cosmic log, how are you this morning? Y'know, if i were you and lived in mid-eastern Canada or the Northerly Eastern Contiguous United States, i would start shuffling my social calendar to make room for the events we have scheduled to occur in August of this year (2014 if i'm not mistaken). The musical troupes known as RVIVR and War On Women will be joining us in 8 sequentially organized live engagements that will feature us bashing your fucking skulls in with the sonic equivalent of a weaponized goddamn power-washer. So grab the kids and tell grandma to shine up her best set of teeth cuz shit is just about to get real (in a couple months).

Jesus H. Chris / June 16, 2014