The Double Axe Stack Attack Is Back Jack so don't gimme no flak you domesticated bovid Himalayan yak

BEWARE ALL POSERS. We have a new friend. Her name is Sulynn. She plays an SG and she’s ready to crack some fuckin skulls with it onstage with us. What the fuck else do you need to know?!? What else matters in this world?!? Well, let’s hear from the axe-slinger herself:

Hey everyone! I’m Sulynn. I’ll be responsible for adding long hair head banging and stage left guitar riffage at Propagandhi shows from here on out. I’m from Tampa, Florida where I spend my days drinking lots of coffee, nerding out on the guitar for hours, running my own business teaching guitar, and squeezing in sweaty yoga sessions when I can. I feel beyond stoked to get to play with a group of guys who have influenced my playing and taste for a very long time. It’s gonna be a rad time, and I hope to get to share the experience with you all. Let’s rage!

That’s what the fuck i’m talking about! Stay tuned for more info and shows coming down the pike! Yes, let’s RAGE!!

(cue Def Leppard’s “Foolin” except singing “Ah, S-S-S-Sulynn”…also, big ups to everyone who sent in a guitar audition over the past few months…holy moly there are a lot of good players out there!)

pic by Greg Gallinger! (pic by Greg Gallinger!) Sulynn rocking (pic by Nicole Kibert)

Jesus H. Chris / September 30, 2015

I Am A Goddamn Rifle!

Today is the day my friends. In honour of our fallen comrade Todd Serious of the legendary The Rebel Spell (see previous blog entry), we humbly offer this version of “I Am A Rifle”. Hope you feel it like we do.

any proceeds after recording expenses will go the Wildlife Defence League and/ or the Unistoten Defence Fund, so do what you can. Todd would’ve approved. Rest in Power bud.

Jesus H. Chris / August 18, 2015

I Am A Rifle / August 18th! Mark thine calendar!!!

Hello fellow disbelievers-that-this-political-system-is-taken-seriously-by-the-citizenry, how are you today? Yeah, me too. Oh well.

You probably remember that earlier this year our friend Todd Serious of Canada’s national treasure, The Rebel Spell, shuffled off this mortal coil far too soon. Well, we wanted to do something to pay our respects to his bandmates, his friends, his family, his community and especially his spirit, so with the help of Baltimore’s War On Women doing backing vocals, we recorded a version of The Rebel Spell’s “I Am a Rifle” here in Winnipeg and had the fellas at The Blasting Room in Ft Collins mix it. We think we did it justice and we hope Erin, Elliot, Travis and Stepha think so too!

In honour of Todd’s true rebel spirit, any proceeds after recording expenses will go the Wildlife Defence League and/ or the Unistoten Defence Fund. You can help make that happen on August 18th by throwing down some coin for it on our bandcamp page or through any of the usual digital download suspects, like iTunes. Thanks people!

Jesus H. Chris / August 7, 2015

(UPDATED) Propagandhi Job Posting! Wanted: Guitarist/ Beaver Impersonator!

[UPDATE: holy fuck people, we’ve had over 400 inquiries about this in just 3 days, from all over the damn planet. amazing and daunting. this might take a while to get through, so please be patient. it seems like a lot of people are asking what it is we’re looking for specifically. i suppose most importantly we’d like to see footage of folks playing, say, any two of the following songs for starters: Night Letters, Status Update, Duplicate Keys, Note to Self, Failed States. Specifically Beave’s parts of course, including things like his tasty volume swells, his beautifully timed delays and deep-woods ambience flourishes (atmosphere is a huge part of Beave’s game. If you don’t got it, you better have something else wicked up your sleeveless). It’s fine to play along to the record in your video, but we’d like to hear your guitar loud and clear. if you can do a version without any backing music, that would be helpful too. If you’re feeling really randy, throw in some of the backing vocals while you’re at it for extra punk points. we’d also like to see some live performance footage of you in other bands if applicable. maybe tell us a little about yourself and recount your previous live/ tour experience. that kind of stuff.

if this sounds like a lot of work, well welcome to our world mah-fah. this ain’t a fuckin pop punk band.

ps. if you can figure the songs out perfectly by ear, wow. good for you. i sure as hell couldn’t! and if you can’t either, well, sheet happens sells digital tabs of the records those songs are on and no, we don’t expect anyone to actually buy our tabs as a prerequisite just an option if you need it and want to really make a most tubular impression! UPDATE COMPLETEDISENGAGE.]


hey people! well, the day we have been in denial about for years has finally arrived and starting this September (2015), our beloved Beaver won’t be able to join us on the road to melt faces with his 6 string stack attack anymore. it is a sad reality, but let’s turn these frowns upside down and whip this into an exciting opportunity! Do you play guitar? Are you familiar with our music? Have you felt like you’ve been living in a dingbat-clown-idiot society since you were a little kid and always hoped your real parents from Rigel 7 would come rescue you? Well, then get at us ASAP! Women are strongly encouraged to apply!

Hit us up at [email protected]

Operators are standing by!

Jesus H. Chris / June 8, 2015

San Francisky?!? Didya drove or didya flew??

Hi planet of Lawrence Orbachs, Alex Trebel here. Having a nice day, are we? Good, good. So Fat Wreck Chords is having a 25th anniversary celebration this year and in an amazing stroke of luck, they forgot that we’re not on the label anymore, and they have invited us to come play at it! Sa-weet! If you happen to be in the Bay Area in late August, come on down to hear us only play brand new songs that no one’s ever heard before and just be a general buzzkill. Nnnaayyyhh, just kidding. It’ll be a good time and everybody better bring their A game, cuz we won’t be fuckin around!

Tickets here!

Jesus H. Chris / June 4, 2015


I’s the b’y that builds the boat! and I’s the b’y that sails her! I’s the b’y that criticizes the industrial slaughter of sea life and brings them home to Liza! haha. ok, so it’s true though: we are coming back to Halifax and *finally* — after a full quarter of a century of playing shows — are *finally* getting out to Da Rock to show you what we’re made of (might smell). Very excited to see your legendary homeland St. John’s! Click here for details, scant as they may be! Until we meet my friends, keep yer ferks and starn clean and long may your jib draw!

Jesus H. Chris / April 15, 2015